"It Takes One Miracle, To Believe In Miracles".



Gambrell Francois was born 1991, July 31st. in Hartford CT. also known as the multi talented teen with a dream. Gambrell Francois is a professional model who worked as an assistant for a magazine company in Connecticut, called (2008) "Kencar Fashion Magazine" who he was hired by president, Carolyn Adams. Gambrell Francois was also featured in the (2009) "Hartford Courant" news paper. after modeling a male designers clothing line.

 Gambrell Francois focuses more on acting in his own horror films such as the famous film (2008) "My Evil Twin". starring his brother J.Figgs A.K.A Johnathan Figueroa. Gambrell also played dramatic roles like when he played a delusional, homosexual - stalker who poisons his ex ten years later who also starred, book Author, Kenton Young. who played Gambrell Francois ex in the (2010) film "Case Of The X".

 Gambrell Francois started broadcasting his talent at a very young age. after being homeless and abandoned for so many years by his family today Gambrell Francois has managed to stay on top! Gambrell Francois, also shares his stories with young talented entertainers like him. he also allowed talented teens with goals and dreams share their true stories on his TV Show (2009) "Gambrell Francois Entertainment TV".

 Gambrell Francois also interviewed celebrity book Author, Grace Ormonde in (2010). Gambrell Francois made it possible for people to hang on to their dreams, by publishing his brand new magazine (2010) "Dream Magazine". Gambrell Francois takes horror to another level with his brand new killer doll movie (2010) "Tina". who starred his brother, Jonathan Figueroa. the brand new movie is set to release on Youtube in October, Halloween month.- many people find it hard to believe that neither Gambrell Francois films are UN-scripted. something else you might had not known about Gambrell Francois, he is also a recording artist who is related to "KING OF POP" Michael Jackson- which is his 5th cousin.!

BY:Gambrell Francois


Gambrell Francois opens 2014 with Nick Cannon!

 Gambrell Francois was cast, to work with his Idol Mariah Carey's hubby, Nick Cannon! for a 2014 new years event for nickelodeon he was stunned after getting the email! he wasnt going to turn it down, for the world! so Francois and his hubby Stevie traveled the way from their home in Connectciut to NYC! gam dont leave no where until he's glam. so he went for the first time for eyelash extensions??? who heard of that?! 

eyelash extensions
Web definitions
  1. Eyelash extensions are any number of enhancements designed to add length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes. They may be compared to hair extensions for one's eyelashes. They can be separated into two types: temporary and semi-permanent.
his eyelash extensions took 45minutes to do, and cost 150$. after that time was passing by and he noticed It was time to get to Nicks event! They hop in a cab searching for the address and of course whats worse then a snow storm? Hmmm, he says NY traffic! Gambrell was scheduled to be at the event at 5:00.
Stevie decided walking few blocks to address would be quicker, but that lead to getting lost! already being 15 minutes late. Francois is in panic mode.... Moments later it reaches 5:30 finally finds his destination and as usual, the event started hours later. Not at the time posted!

GAMBRELL:"OMG- I love nick he's so adorable! working with Mariah Carey my #1 idol's Husband was a off guard amazing moment! still in shock! im still dreaming of the day to work and stand next to Mariah I would drop!

My embarrassing picture went viral

I logged onto my Facebook one morning to find a message from a friend. “Look what people are posting!” it read. She sent a link to a very public page whose sole purpose was posting images that mock people’s appearances. There I was in full glory— a picture of me nude In boxing gloves — but written over the image were the words “Dark Skinned Niggas Be Like.”

Funny enough, I wasn’t even angry at first. I was actually kind of amused. Who doesn’t laugh at unfortunate shots of Celebrities? I’ve certainly done it before; the Internet runs on this kind of anonymous scorn. There are entire websites dedicated to the poor fashion choices of random people also. And just like me, most of those people are Homosexual.

I don’t generally view myself as masc of flamboyant I feel when Im infront of the camera Its Lights, camera, Diva! when the makeup comes off Im a chilled dude in boxers. Sometimes I feel like two different people, almost like hannah montanna vs miley cyrus. before I Got married,guys wouldn't date me cause they didnt like my fem public image, I explained Its a character not me, I like to be recognized in public by my fans, when I was on tv. when Im home, "Im A Nigga" but they didnt care to give me a chance or give a hoot, so It was very difficult to get into a relationship with a guy who understtod like, my husband stevie does.Its just I know exactly what the public want and they dont want boring, so I accidently gave them what the wanted, and thats excitement a BIG laugh. —when I first started modeling 3 years ago I thought It would be cool and sexy to take a nude photo in boxing gloves. I thought It would be hot, but instaed the internet got hot. It went from, to Facebook, from Facebook to instagram even got into a celebrities hands, like (comedian} Kevin Hart and {Rapper}Meek Mills.

I didnt asked for None of this! That picture was taken late in the evening — I was  shining black-faced from the lights, my makeup was sweating off and I was lacking proper pose(a problem playboy bunny girls never had im sure). But I was having fun, and seeing the image again on social networking sites, I still dont understand why this photo is still viral after 3 years.

So I laughed it all off at first — but then, I read the comments.

“lmao!,” read one. Another: “wtf!” Yet another said I should just kill myself “and spare everyone’s eyes.” Hundreds of hateful messages, most of them saying that I was a worthless human being and shaming me for having the audacity to even post the photo as a boxer. 

We all know the awful humiliation of a person laughing at you. But that feeling increases tenfold when it seems like everyone is laughing at you. Scrolling through the comments, the world imploded — and took my heart with it. but honestly I dont care no publicity is bad in this game!


when Francois had found a half naked photo of himself posted on Harts twitter Francois & Hart had went to war! Francois had found it offensive that Kevin had used his photo as a joke towards Meek Mill, the decription of the photo was @Meekmill- "love the new head shot, I see Your Doing Big Things Now Homie, hahahaha.Francois went into flames! he recorded a video response which went nationwide on "World Star Hip Hop". he even threatend to kill Kevin Hart if he ever seen him.Kevin Hart reponse was "yea I seen the video, Time To Hire More Security man hahahaha. Francois had even promoted his new single dissing Kevin, in "Jokes On You"ft Splitsoul. who Gambrell dressed as a woman to seduce hart on a date and attack him. On New Years 2012 Gambrell Followed Hartby attending his concert. The two apologised To Each Other And decided to end the beef.

Gambrell Francois Facebook Status

Most people might hate me, most people might love me!! after what im going to say I realize that this me vs Kevin hart thing has gotten out of i decided to not cause a scene. I belkieve in god and i believe everything happends for a reason. and I dont believe that god wanted me to go to this show for jail time. i think god wanted me to realize that life is to short to hold grudges. the beef tween me and kevin is over we had dinner,shook hands & i got to meet his fam and friends. hes such a nice person even his body gaurds loved me. besides if i was to go to jail for doing something stupid. we were all drunk lol. would anyone who claimed to love me bail me out ??? dont think so thats when you find out who your real friends and fam are!! love u all


Gambrell Francois Response: seriously have of me really isnt natural.  I have not tryed any plastic surgeries though. I just love makeup, colored eye contacts and relaxing my hair once a week. I started this when I was called "ugly" in elementary. i remember when i was inlove with this girl in 6th grade, I would do anything for her I was the kid that everyone hated but once i had money or candy everyone wanted to be my freind until it all ran out. they would laugh at me and pick on me in the hallways while the gurl I liked just laughed along with them. long story short I ended up being falsely accused of trying to stab her in school. i then was sent to an alternative school and ofcourse fell inlove with a guy. from there I started to change. I knew the secret to beauty. these bitches on tv arent natuaral at all! its all makeup!!! you dont have to be gay to wear it either. hmmmm I wounder where chris browns freckles dissappears to during his photo shoots lol.

Gambrell Francois Facebook Status:
To be honest I use to really like Nicki Minaj, not because of her music ofcourse lol. I even brought her perfume.
but since she has gotten this gig for "American Idol" her ego has fully overblown. shes's very annoying and I honestly believe she has no right judgeing anyone there should only be legends on the judges panel like Mariah Carey we love her dearly dahhlin beyonce should have been the second chosen female artist to judge. Nicki is a talentless, rude hoodrat and she obviously didnt forget where she came from. I find this totally silly shes a disgrace to my barbs and kens, she looks like bozo the clown.


Gambrell Francois had been Home celebrating his husband Stevie Martinez Birthday,with friends and family, the next morning when he started experiencing stomach cramps. he'd previously been feeling bloated but wrote it off as being coming down with a cold.

As he felt worse, Francois headed to see his doctor. They sent him over to do an X-ray  after hours still couldnt find out what was wrong with francois. 

he was sent home the next morning with meds to alleviate the stomach issues 

hours after arriving home, he finds out he was constipated.

The lovE STOry
"The Feeling of young,Marriage life"

(Gambrell Francois & Hubby Stevie Martinez)

Gambrell & Stevie meet on a dating site, the two were looking for the same thing, and that was love. since february 2011. they chatted back and fourth on the internet every day,but still hadn't meet. the two gotten into a small disconnection and stop speaking to each other. on March 5th 2011, Gambrell auditioned for the hit reality show "Real World 26" in New York City, which stevie lived in Brooklyn NY. while Gambrell continues to wait hours in a line full of desperate reality show star wanna be's. stevie appears out of the crowd,spots Gambrell & kisses him infront of everyone waiting in line.

Gambrell says: I had no idea he was planning to show up. i never told him. he read my facebook status and new i was auditioning for the reality show and suprised me. the same day we meet was the same day I and the world remember us kiss.


2 weeks later, stevie had taken Gambrell to a shop, cause he claimed he wanted a second tattoo. he didn't say what the tattoo was going to be. the shop had 3 other sections. there was a tattoo section downstairs, a fragrance center at walk in, & a jewlery section up front. stevie made each section worth Gambrell's while. he first brought a few items at the fragrance center he brought Mariah Carey, "Forever" for Gambrell & "Tiamo" perfume for 2010 "Dream Magazine" winner, Prisilla Closs, Gambrell's aunt. then stevie headed over to the guy with the tattoo needle, who tatted "Gambrell" on his arm. Gambrell was shocked & speechless. on there way out the door stevie headed to the jewlery section and asked Gambrell to try on a few rings. when Gambrell smiled at the one he liked, Gambrell & Martinez walked out engaged!

Gambrell says: That was an amazing day!! I was so stuck in shock when he tattooed my name on his arm then he turns around and proposes to me in the store 2 minutes later, and of course I said yes.


On April 12 2011, Gambrell at 19, and stevie only 22 years old the two married at the City Hall, downtown Hartford,CT. it was a private wedding know one knew about it but Gambrell,Stevie & the happy woman who married them.

Gambrell says: when he slipped the ring on i was nervous during the ceremony. but we only live once n who cares when ur dangerously inlove :) stevie is like my Nick he always makes me laugh he can be such a comedian at times people loves his sense of humor. im his Mariah who ever thought I would finaly find the one like my Idol Mariah Carey? We hold hands and kiss walking down the street people beg to take pictures with us while reminding us what a beautiful couple we make. he makes me so happy, and I love my stevie we will be happy until death does us part in the next generation I'll continue to love him and hold on to his sweet soul.

    "the worst nightmare ever"

Gambrell says: this was the worst day of my life, in history. i would never recommend this show to my worst enemy! it was terrible more like a nightmare that was hard to wake up from.did my husband fail the lie detector test YES!, but was he cheating NO! im going to tell you why....we have a very strong relationship where we are able to talk to each other if something was to happen like that in our marriage. whether I or he made the serious mistake we are always able to confess. we also live together and never seen in public without one another while holding hands. we are around each other 24/7 and dont believe in space. I know what you are thinking, then why the hell were we on the show??? we had issues of cheating in the past. my issue was i couldn't leave the past alone every chance I had i would throw it in his face, but I wasn't an angel myself. I decided to go on Bill Cunningham show because I was hungry for attention and I trully actually wanted to save my marriage that I thought was falling apart at the beginning.

when we were finally cast to go on the show I found out that this was making my marriage worse. the show doesnt GIVE A DAMB! about your life.just there ratings and how much they could make off of your story, and Bill is a total instigator. they separate you from your lover the whole day and brain washes you.
the same producer thats telling you hes wrong, hes telling him your wrong and they make you drink big 5-10 cans of Redbull from morning -wardrobe until your live on set in the afternoon, so your yelling, screaming and jumping off the ropes full of crazy energy, that can end up getting physical. so when your out in front of the studio with bill, your lover is now your enemy, to impress the audience who will soon love you, or sometimes forget you.but i wouldn't let that happen i needed to protect my name and give a great show so i totaly embarrassed my husband.

the orignal plan was to just go on tv and act like funny fools. like we do in our movies. but things got serious when he mentioned his ex's  and how successful they were in their the end of the show we were separated because they thought i was gonna truly harm him. i started screaming and crying, begging them to see my husband, they said he didnt want to see me. i tried to escape to find him the body guards kept blocking the door leaving me in a room. almost felt like i was in a movie playing a delusional character in a mental hospital i was going nuts!they kept sending me a therapist. i didnt want to see no one but my husband. i was driven from nyc to my home in connecticut by a driver from the show. my husband stayed in NYC. i cried on my way home.blowing up facebook with my status of guilt, and me being sorry for embarrassment. an hour later my husband knocks on my door i hug him tight and told him we would never do this again. he forgave me and we moved on. although facing the public is hard cause we still get alot of questions about the show, since it wasn't nationwide. we try to move forward.

"Heres a little relationship advice"

DONT CHEAT! because when your 70 in a wheel chair the hot guy or gurl you cheated on your lover, wont be there for you when your sick and in bad health. if you trully love someone do everything in your power to make it work. ask questions without accusing. if mistakes happen try to forgive each other the past in the past.
 and just because someone fails a lie detector test doesnt mean they are not innocent. heres a little history in some states lie detector test are not allowed to be used during trials,for example if your real name was Mariah Carey, and you was asked that while taking the lie detector test nervous, you would fail just because you were nervous even though your real name really is Mariah Carey.

"first short film together"